Home Savings (Roll Call) [Prod. The Stuyvesants]

by Y-Rap

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New Track off of Spring Breakout Coming MAY25


I must admit always been a fan of that hardcore, I come in and reinvent the model, Tom Ford, They cost more, and they're parts are sub-par poor, Plus I got these lines that'll flip a dollar like parkore. In 90 years, I'm a looper, Bruce couldn't find the kid, with my time signature, ID, a wizard, shit, they can't see me like a white owl in a blizzard, smoke a white owl in blizzard conditions, but right now, this interstellar visitor spittin, so take note on every fuckin thing you see like an illicit vision. This city ain't nothing to miss, my crew got like 50 ninjas on mission bout to deliver a killing. Ready and willing, to show they're life is the least they willing to give in, to make it better for the mothers and children. Ready ya jutsu, stars and basic defense, this the roll call, Fuxk with these niggas we be this.

And I ain't even smoke a gram today, focused on future pool parties at the bay of Mandalay, in Vegas, so Fuxk being famous I gave my fans away, everyones family now, ya sounds are hand me downs. Ya styles are campy now. I Trample cowards, trap the tramps, and trek for miles, set the forest like a lamp, now you can't be found. Said it was the drought, if I ever get a shred of disrespect from your mouth, imma clear it like an account. From home savings, this saving home, the boy crazy, but stay in sane cuz the Lord saved me.


released May 9, 2013




Y-Rap Youngstown, Ohio

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