Wondering Pt. 2 [Prod. E. Dan] (MASTERED)

by Y-Rap

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A deeply personal track from Y-Rap off the SilverLining album. Continues the logic of the track Wondering from 2010.


They still say the kid can't do it...well how can I blame em I ain't proved yet, pass on me and I hit em wit a new test, keep it on lochte, gotta give em the new best, shocking not a nigga van stop me, we knew this. Its what you don't see, close scene, and ya homies could wanna do you as foul as goatsea, go head and quote me and when the ghosts meet, we'll see what the truth was like runners in post heat. How dare you try 2 judge and you don't even know me, Where do we find the love to hate so emotionally, I hope to raise a family near the ocean you see but that can never happen if my people ain't open to peace. wonder if I can exist in this whole industry keep it hunnid percent and have my homies still smoking wit me. Everybody got they routine, own steez, own teams, and I'm here lonely. Don't need a hand loaned to me. That shit been normal, like phones on beep or chrome on jeeps, you ain't got either and the girls won't speak. That's real like sinks and s curls gon leak. Compared to most rappers only been flowing for weeks, but every second spent spittin, my qouta increase, my glow is released, Yoda rap, train on tracks, locomotive how I go over beats. I show to compete, but never in my life have I felt so hopeless, same time complete. My home is where I climb to reach, but still I wanna bone make her moan, make her climb the sheets. See where my mind be, I ain't got the time right now, but well see who's sweet when I make her mine, finally, been working a long time for alot of things, heavy premonitions, whole pot of dreams, mission list, blow a bong in a Colosseum, stop the starving in Ghana, a part of me, needs that Martin and Gina love, but even doe I'm real, I wonder still, will it be enough, they ended on an infinite cliff, would it be us? Falling in love is easy, but would out of it be tough? Peace love. Cuz I'm stuck on this fanatic fiend focus mode, same since I was rapping over MaticPremeTofa show. same as bumpin biggie when we was bombing in Kosovo, same since my sister bumpin BBD in my stroller singin poison, kids on the block making noise, the city never really let the boys be boys. Now we hit em wit the boy boy, ladies find a boy toy, become bitches and baby mama's livin wit no joy. What happened to black women becoming sojourner? This culture and this country man I so mourn it. But I digress, known as the Ys finest, writing live since the age and nine in readers digest. In 2009 I decided that this was my quest, coulda been anything, still can but keep quiet. I do it for the righteous, the blunted and the not quite yet, the rulers of the future who keep wit me at my best. Nothing is complete till we the finest. World wide, that's just how were cast a wide net. New flow every rhyme won't even break a promise, my true fam and fans, forever know u keep him honest, but foe every one in still frontin then, I'll make another one, I'll never NOT be The One again. And I'm done Wondering.


released December 13, 2012



all rights reserved


Y-Rap Youngstown, Ohio

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