In Due Time (Single)

by Y-Rap

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This is the inspiring new single from 330 Recording Artist; Y-Rap. In Due Time is the story of a man at the brink of destruction. Doubts and fear have taken it's toll and as he is searching for meaning in his life. His hope, to succeed through hardship. In Due Time.


Sittin in this room high, noon time, what I'm gonna do, I'm, doomed, wether don't or do this new life. We all die. Wether by the end of a four five, or father time, alls I know I gotta grind, write the lines, never fear, all my life all I want is to make it even better here. This the two three year, time 2 Mike Jordan em, currently Lebron at St. V's, a small order but play the game like I'm scouted for pro teams, high school is boring. All of the wrong people adore me. I take my coaches to class every morning, constant focus on scoring. Pass a whore to the left as I insist on assists, my sense makes me richer than rich while you attending detention, and it's just the beginning. I bet I smell like new money while I'm still filthy. Few friends, a few funny, are you still with me?

Due time, my new lines lead to a new grind, the new grind guarantees imma do mine, hold steady, break Ya swag like a crouton. Coupons to grey poupon, screw cars cuz I'm waited on, by planes, 5 days, out the week, i aint bout to speak, fly by the seat of these high priced jeans, is it bad to admit that I like things, is it mad to live my whole life by dreams, or sad to think my habits sink deeper than I like being, we scrap for eats and rap for free just so they like my team, well is it? I think so, so does everyone else, the difference is, I believe more, and achieve more, imma work until I'm chilled in a gazebo in rio just smokin green wit my people, don't come see me wit no evil, I'd be the same if I was still in my regal. Music plus me there's no equal. Infinity.

Here we are, everything on the table, put soul in my story you feeble on every fable, was told for the glory its mandatory 2 stay true, and let em hate you, doubles up the people faithful, this is what I'm made to do, grateful for paying dues, slaying fools portraying and fakin shit that they claim to do. imitation is like plain 2 dudes, been sayin i aint the same as you. prolly catch me on my own nigga hangin loose, you marticons need to hang a noose, i body songs wit a gang of boots like decepticons, aint came to shoot. but imma bang, serenade the booth. its a shame, low down dirty, rapper sold his soul so the doe go round early. gotta take that wit the maker, see I know its greater later, cuz I started out wit Nathan, now I'm bout to Drake the paper.


released October 1, 2012
Y-Rap, Da Youngfellaz, BraveStarr



all rights reserved


Y-Rap Youngstown, Ohio

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